See What We're All About

Let's make music together! We rehearse each Tuesday night from 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. at the Parish Center of St. Mark the Evangelist, West Hartford, CT. Men of all ages are welcome to join us for a night of singing and fellowship. For directions and more information, please see our Rehearsals page, or come to one of our Events.

Become a Member

If you enjoy singing with us regularly, you may want to become a formal member of the Barbershop Harmony Society and our chapter. Here are a few commonly asked questions about joining the Barbershop Harmony Society.

Q: Do I have to pass any tests?

A: In some choruses, there are tests from simple to advanced to check your music skills. In the Hartford Men in Harmony, we believe that any man who wants to sing should be able to join us, so all we do is check your vocal range to find the part that might suit you best.

Q: What do I have to do to become an official member?

A: If you are interested in this path, then our Chapter Secretary, or another member will make sure you have the proper form to fill out (only 1 short form!). We are a dues paying Society, and there is a breakdown of dues for each age category. In most cases, there is a deal that either eliminates dues or cuts dues in half for the first year. The Society dues are quite reasonable though.

Q: You just mentioned paying dues...What will I get in return for paying dues?

A: You will have access to the following benefits of becoming a member:

Tangible Benefits

·   New Member kit (first year)  

·   the Harmonizer Magazine 

·   Two-for-one convention admission 

The Timely Gents at the 2012 Eastern Regional Contest in Nashua, NH

The Timely Gents at the 2012 Eastern Regional Contest in Nashua, NH

·   Various Informational Brochures and Materials.

·   6-issue Subscription (Bi-Monthly delivery)

·   Full membership in the Society, granting discounted prices on Merchandise, Conventions, and Housing

·   Hertz Auto Club – Rental Discount on all Car Rentals

·   The right to carry the Barbershop Harmony Society credit card

Intangible Benefits

·   Access to a vast library of Barbershop Harmony originals, and popular songs arranged for Barbershop

·   An ever-growing volume of music and songs arranged by men from inside the hobby

·   Competitions – a great way to grow as a singer, learn how to improve, and even win awards!

·   Fellowship and fraternity.  It’s hard to put a price tag on the friendships and relationships established in Barbershop.

·   Singing, coaching, and weekly respiratory workouts.

·   A non-profit organization with a product for other Charities.  Sing for charity benefits, to help raise awareness and attention for a great cause, and for Barbershop at the same time.

·   Peace of mind.  How many men don’t have an outlet for their stress, daily cares, and struggles?  There is almost no stressor that is so great, that a good Barbershop Quartet experience can’t fix.

·   Schools, Clinics, and the best Music Education money can buy at Harmony University, Leadership Academies, and District seminars

Q: Wow! That's a lot to get out of membership. I saw something about Competitions. What are those?

A: The Chorus participates in Division and District competitions regularly. While we haven't won a District competition yet, which would grant us the right to compete on the International stage, we are always attempting to improve, and we use the judges' scores as a way to reflect that improvement.

Q: I also saw you mention something about Charity. What organizations do you support?

A: Since we are a singing Society, we are partnered with Harmony Foundation International. This organization focuses its efforts on bringing not only Barbershop, but music as a whole, to younger generations and Music Educators that need assistance. Harmony Foundation International has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships to young people to attend camps and workshops, and have provided Educators with resources and educational opportunities that have completely transformed what they are able to accomplish in the classroom.