Why Quartet?

While every member of the Hartford Men in Harmony sings in the chorus, some guys have an extra special desire to keep singing, even outside of the usual Tuesday night rehearsals. You could be one of them! If so, these guys form Quartets and get to have all sorts of fun creating an image, picking songs just right for their style, and of course, you get to spend more time singing! Some say that the best Barbershop experience happens when there are only four guys singing! Below are just a few of the Quartets that are affiliated with the Hartford Men in Harmony.


CT Chord Company (Active)

CT Chord Co. was formed in 2017 just for the thrill of walking across the Yankee Division contest stage. Much to their surprise, they walked out of that contest with the Division Novice trophy! They sing a variety of songs suitable for any occasion!


  • Tenor - Sam Wainright
  • Lead - Sebastian Massa
  • Baritone - Harald Sandstrom
  • Bass - Don Naples

Sound Policy (Inactive)

Sound Policy was formed in January of 2007 to be featured in the Annual Show. Since then, the quartet has served as excellent ambassadors of our style, putting on demos for local high school men's choirs and singing on every Show since 2007! They have competed in the Northeastern District over the years and are always working on new music that will delight any audience!


  • Bill Degan - Tenor
  • George Burger - Lead
  • Eric Halpern - Bass
  • Duane Paul - Baritone

Perpetuity (Active)

Perpetuity was formed in order to help the chorus deliver Singing Valentines. These fine men describe themselves as a Seniors Quartet due to the collective number of years of barbershop between them. Although Perpetuity does not compete, they sing together for the pure joy of working on finding a sound that is completely their own. They have made appearances on the Annual Show and can be found each year delivering Singing Valentines around the Greater Hartford area.


  • Ed Hall - Tenor
  • Bill Maine - Lead
  • Don Wilson - Bass
  • Harald Sandstrom - Baritone



Gaslight (Inactive)

Gaslight was a result of four guys looking for a new quartet at the 2015 New England Harmony Brigade. With a focus on audience pleasing songs coming from the Great American Songbook, this quartet already has a great start and is versatile across any type of music!


  • Sam Wainright - Tenor
  • Sebastian Massa - Lead
  • Kevin Williams - Bass
  • Dan Fontaine - Baritone

Greenlight (Active)

Greenlight was formed in 2016 as a youth quartet with ambition to be one of the Northeast's top quartets. To date, they have won the youth championship in the Northeast, competed at the youth International contest in Las Vegas, and have become a hot quartet to watch! 


  • Tenor: Louis Jack Ades
  • Lead: Sebastian Massa
  • Baritone: Will Rogers
  • Bass: Chris Cutler

Late Risers (Active)

Late Risers is Hartford's newest Seniors quartet, having formed in 2017. Their years of experience singing barbershop makes them a quality addition to any event, singing songs both old and new. They may have been late to rise, but boy do they shine!


  • Tenor - Steve LeClaire
  • Lead - Sam Wainright
  • Baritone - George Burger
  • Bass - Don Naples

The Swing of Thing (Inactive)

The Swing of Things was formed in 2014 as a College Quartet while the Insurance City Chorus' Assistant Director, Sebastian Massa was studying at Fordham. The foursome specializes in Big Band Swing Era tunes and has had great success in their short time together. They won the 2014 Yankee Division Novice Championship and tied for 11th place in the 2014 District Contest. This foursome brings tremendous energy to every performance!


  • Jedd Vergara - Tenor
  • Sebastian Massa - Lead
  • Graham Bass - Bass
  • John Castonguay - Baritone

The Timely Gents (Inactive)

The Timely Gents was formed in November of 2009 to become a competing quartet. The original members were all hooked on barbershop thanks to the Sound Policy Quartet (see above!). Over the years, the quartet saw much success and a few personnel changes as well. Over their three year tenure, they achieved the following:

  • 2012 Yankee Division Champions
  • 2012 District 5th place Bronze Medalists
  • 2012 Top 20 International Collegiate Quartet
  • 2012 District Collegiate Quartet Champions

As college, and inevitable distance became too much for the quartet, members went their separate ways. However, the members of the quartet are still singing today! Some with even bigger accolades added to their "barbershop pedigree"

Members (and additional awards):

  • John Castonguay - Tenor (sings with The Swing of Things)
  • Sebastian Massa - Lead (sings with The Swing of Things)
  • Rodrigo Alvarez - Bass (sings with 2014 District Champions and 2015 International Quarterfinalists, Timepiece)
  • Schuyler Borden - Baritone