So just who are these guys anyway?

We're glad you asked!

The Hartford Men in Harmony is made up men of all ages from all backgrounds. The ingredients we share are a love of harmony, fellowship, and curiosity to learn and continually develop our personal musical ability. Many of us entered this chorus not knowing how to read music, and some of us still don't know how to read music! And that's okay! We have found ways to learn together that anybody who enjoys singing can find accessible.

Our Vision:

We aim to be an indispensable part of the greater Hartford performing arts community — artistically, educationally, and through our charitable efforts.

Our Mission:

The Hartford Men in Harmony is an all-male a cappella chorus serving the greater Hartford Area. We bring together men of all ages to share the joys of singing in barbershop harmony, to develop their musical ability, and provide entertainment and community service for audiences throughout the area.

Meet our team


Sebastian Massa, Director

Being the youngest member of the chorus at 26 has its perks, but Sebastian Massa brings plenty of vocal experience to the Music Team. A 2014 Fordham graduate in Music, Sebastian enjoys singing all styles of music. He directed a vocal jazz ensemble, The Fordham Hot Notes, from 2011 to 2014. Highlights from his tenure include being invited to sing with the New York Festival Chorus at the 2014 Jazz Festival at Lincoln Center. He also was a key figure in the Fordham University Choir and had the honor of singing at famed venues including Alice Tully Hall, Carnegie Hall, and many others.

Not to be overlooked, he’s been singing barbershop for 10 years (yes, since high school!) and attributes most of his vocal success to the barbershop art form. In that short decade, Sebby has competed with multiple quartets from Division level, all the way up to the International level. In 2012, his first quartet, the Timely Gents were among the top 20 youth quartets in the world. Currently, Sebby sings Lead in Greenlight Quartet. This foursome achieved a 7th place ranking at the International Youth Quartet Contest in 2018. Most recently, Greenlight won the Northeastern District championship with the fifth highest score in the history of District champions, which dates back to 1946. Finally, he has had the privilege of singing in prestigious venues with the quartet from Mechanics Hall in Worcester, MA, to the AXIS Theater at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV.

Sebby’s main philosophy behind singing is that anyone who has the desire to sing and is willing to learn and work the craft can find success. He also believes we are much better people when we learn to sing together and that society is much better when all people learn that they have a voice and can/should participate!


Donald A. Naples, President

Don Naples is a long-time barbershopper, civil servant, and businessman. A graduate in engineering from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, Don also served his country on active duty in the Coast Guard. Upon his retirement from service, Don owned several successful businesses in the Greater Hartford area. His work in telecommunications has also sent him to work in Alameda County, CA, as the head of the Telephone Systems Division. Currently, Don serves his hometown of New Britain as an Alderman. Although Don has been retired for some time, he’s busier than he’s ever been!

Outside of his professional life, Don has always made time for singing. Even when working in California, Don was singing with a barbershop chapter. Don has sung with the New Britain, CT chapter and the Hartford, CT chapters while living in Connecticut. He has been a leader of the Hartford chapter for many years, having served as its President, Treasurer, VP of Music and Performance, and other various roles over the years.

With so little time, is there any time for singing? Of course Don has made time for quartets that have competed at various levels. He currently sings bass in a Seniors quartet called Late Risers, and is always ready to sing bass on a song or tag with anyone.

George Burger, Director Emeritus (2007 - 2017)

After a decade of dedicated service to the Hartford Chapter, George hung up the pitch pipe as Musical Director in May, 2017. The Hartford Men in Harmony commend him for his leadership and thank him for his immense contributions to the artistic excellence of the chorus.